A business without a strategy will be lost in the wilderness... 

For over 20 years, Ketan has been developing, nurturing and assisting businesses with business strategy to help them disrupt their industries.

He has helped thousands of businesses all over the world to launch, scale and grow and he is here to help you build the business you aspire to not one that enslaves you.

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Ketan is a serial entrepreneur having started , scaled and sold multiple businesses. Over the years Ketan has successfully supported the launch of over 3800 businesses and helped raise over £25m in capital that has been invested into the growth of businesses. Ketan is also an advisor to many governments and an active mentor, investor and keynote speaker.

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The greatest achievements are never planned... they are engineered

Ever wonder how certain businesses achieve certain results? or the greats like Musk and Jobs got to where they got to?

Ideas and vision are the tip of the iceberg, once you have that you need to take action and that is when imagination becomes tangible... to do that you need to reverse engineer.

Reverse Engineering is one of the most comprehensive strategy building activities you can undertake; it is a unique and often challenging process to do, that's why it works so well.

Strategy days with Ketan are focussed around using Reverse Engineering in developing your business strategy.

The aim of the day is to help you blueprint your pathway to success and with each key milestone develop strategic processes that will ensure you deliver and achieve.

Strategy days will require some pre-session work but what we uncover on the day is game-changing!

With Ketan is different, using his philisophy that 'there is more than one answer to any one question' participants will engage in applying innovation techniques along with different perspectives to design their blueprints and strategies.

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Phase One


  • Pre-session consultation (2hrs)
  • Identifcation of business & goals
  • Reverse Engineering Masterclass

Phase Two

Strategy Day

  • Full day on Strategy Development
  • Reverse Engineering Activity
  • Business Strategy Blueprint

Phase Three


  • 2hrs Mentoring
  • Strategy roll out accountability
  • Strategy review and appraisal

Plus you get bonus materials...

When you sign up to a Strategy Day with Ketan you will also receive his collection of eBooks:

  • Build a business that serves you not one thatyou are a slave to
  • The 4 Pillars to disrupting any industry
  • The practical guide to Reverse Engineering for strategy success
  • An Entrpreneurs guid to starting & scaling their business

Strategy Day (1-2-1)

  • Working with Ketan on a 1-2-1 basis
  • You can bring other team members into the session
  • You can enrol someone else for your business
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Strategy Day (Group)

  • Part of a group of 4 businesses
  • You can bring other team members into the session
  • You can enrol someone else for your business